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G Biosciences® GET™ Total RNA

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For Isolation of DNA-free RNA for RT-PCR

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GET™ Total RNA, 50 preps

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The GET™ Total RNA kit isolates total RNA from contaminating DNA, proteins, and nucleases using our GET™ RNA Spin Columns. The <60-minute protocol is simple; after homogenization, RNA is bound to the GET™ RNA Spin Columns and washed. The protocol provides an option to remove contaminating DNA with a single DNase treatment. Finally RNA is eluted from the column. The eluted RNA is ready for any procedure including Northern/slot/dot blots, reverse transcription or RNase protective assays.

Three step protocol:

Arrest™ Extraction Buffer lyses samples instantly destroying RNase activity.

GET™ RNA Spin Columns captures RNA.

After a brief washing step, pure and protein free RNA is eluted.