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Swift™ Western Blotting System

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Sensitive: Femotgram level sensitivity

Fast: Reduce blot development to <60 mins

Versatile: Compatible with all combnations of primary and secondary antibodies

For all wet, semi-dry and automated blotting systems

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Swift™ Western Blotting System, 8 blots

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The Swift™ Western Blotting System is a unique system that reduces the blocking and antibody incubations on Western blot membranes from >4 hours to <60 minutes.

Using a combination of proprietary wash and diluent buffers and our highly sensitive femtoLUCENT™ chemiluminescence detection reagent the Swift™ Western Blotting System generates comparable result to traditional Western blotting procedures and other commercial “fast” Western blotting kits.

An added advantage is that Swift™ Western Blotting System is designed to be used with any combination of primary and secondary antibodies, unlike other commercial kits that limit researcher’s to rabbit or mouse primary antibodies.

Swift™ Western Blotting System is compatible with wet and semi-dry transfer systems and with all automated transfer systems on the market. The system is suitable for 8 blots (8 x 10cm); the sample size is suitable for 2 blots.