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Swift Membrane Stain™

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30 second, reversible & sensitive stain

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Swift Membrane Stain™ for 20 blots

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Swift™ Membrane Stain is a unique, proprietary (patents pending), reversible, ready-to-use membrane stain for proteins on nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes. Swift™ Membrane Stain stains proteins faster and with 500X more sensitivity than the routinely used Ponceau-S stain. The lower detection limit of Swift™ Membrane Stain is ~0.5ng protein (BSA)/band on nitrocellulose membrane.

Swift™ Membrane Stain only stains proteins resulting in a clear background and no requirement for additional steps to remove background. The stronger staining allows for easier image capture due to the strong blue stain on a clear, white background.

Swift Membrane Stain™ can be complete removed from the membrane in <1 minute without affecting the biological or immunological properties of the immobilized proteins. This offers an advantage over Coomassie based stains as these are irreversible and can interfere with Western blotting.

Suitable for 20 membranes (8x8cm).