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Western ReProbe™

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Western ReProbe™

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Western ReProbe™ is supplied as a 5X solution; 100ml Western ReProbe™ is sufficient for 25-30 standard (7.5 x 8.5cm) Western blots.

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Western ReProbe™ [5X], 100mL Bottle

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Western ReProbe™ [5X], 500mL Bottle

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Western ReProbe™ [5X], 1 Liter Bottle

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Additional Details

Western ReProbe™ is a single component system, specifically formulated to dissociate and remove antibodies from membrane bound proteins without destroying the antigenic binding affinity and does not use denaturants, SDS or boiling. Western ReProbe™ allows you the ability to reuse your Western blots.

Removal of antibodies also removes corresponding chemiluminescent or radio-isotopic signals from the blots. The stripped blots can then be probed with new probes (see figure 1).

Western ReProbe™ is not recommended for stripping color producing Western blots that use substrates such as TMB, chloronapthol and DAB.