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DTT (dithiothrietol)

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High quality proteomic grade DTT, in various sizes, are available for your convenience.

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OneQuantβ„’ DTT [0.5M], 40 vials

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DTT (dithiothrietol), 25 grams

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DTT (dithiothrietol), 5 grams

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Dithiothreitol (DTT)

DTT is a common reducing agent used for the cleavage of disulfide bonds. DTT is supplied in bulk 5gm quantities.

OneQuant™ DTT

OneQuant™ DTT are single aliquots of DTT that eliminate the need for weighing; preventing loss of reagent and saving time. Add 90μl water to a single tube to generate a 0.5M DTT solution. Supplied with 40 individual tubes.