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-Spin Column Format

-Enhanced DNA binding affinity

-Protocol is 5-10 minutes.

-No toxic phenol/chloroform extraction.

-No alcohol precipitations.

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GET™ CLEAN DNA, 50 preps

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GET™ CLEAN DNA, 100 preps

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GET™ CLEAN DNA kit uses our high binding affinity GET™ Spin Columns to remove salts, enzymes, unincorporated nucleotides, radiolabels, and primer-dimers from any DNA preparation of 100bp to >20kb. GET™ Spin Columns has an enhanced binding affinity for DNA, thus eliminating loss or damage of DNA.

The DNA cleaning protocol takes as little as 5 minutes:

1. Bind DNA to GET™ Spin Columns

2. Wash away primers, enzymes, salts, and other impurities

3. Elute clean DNA.

GET™ CLEAN DNA kit is available in a 50 or 100 prep size.