96 Well Clear Polystyrene Microplates

-Free of detectable DNase, RNase, human DNA
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
96W Plate, PS, Round (U) Bottom, Clear, 10/Pack, 100/Case GR-650101
96W Plate, PS, Sterile, Round Bottom, Clear, 2/Pack, 100/Case GR-650161
96W Plate, PS, Conical Bottom, Clear , 10/Pack, 100/Case GR-651101
96W Plate, PS, Sterile, Conical Bottom, Clear, 2/Pack, 100/Case GR-651161
96W Plate, PS, Flat BOT, Clear, 10/Pack, 100/Case GR-655101
96W Plate, PS, Sterile, Flat BOT, Clear, 2/Pack, 100/Case GR-655161


-Manufactured under DIN ISO 9001 guidelines

-Can be traced all the way back to production through a defined LOT number system

-Ideally suited for agglutination tests

-No sharp corners, which means that they can be pipetted easily and cleanly

-Suitable for +/- analyses

-Solid bottom