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Collagen Type I CELLCOAT® Cell Culture Dishes/Flasks

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-Promotion of cell adhesion, proliferation and growth of endothelial cell, hepatocytes, muscle cells, pheochromocytoma cells (PC12) and other cell types

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Product Name Part # Image Price Qty
CELLCOAT Dish, 60x15mm, 21cm2, Coated w/Collagen Type I, 20/Pack, 100/Case

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CELLCOAT Dish, PS, 100x20mm, 58cm2, Coated w/Collagen Type I, 10/Pack, 40/Case

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CELLCOAT, T25 Flask, 50mL, Coated w/ Collagen Type I, Canted Neck, w/ FilterCap, 10/Pack, 50/Case

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CELLCOAT, T75 Flask, 250mL, Coated w/ Collagen Type I, Canted Neck, w/ Filter Cap, 5/Pack, 50/Case

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CELLCOAT, T175 Flask, 650mL, Coated w/ Collagen Type I, Hi-Profile, Canted Neck, w/ Filter Cap, 5/Pack, 40/Case

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Additional Details

-Shelf life: 24 months at room temperature

-Cell cultivation in serum-free or serum-reduced medium

-Rat tail Collagen Type I


- Increase in isolation and cultivation efficiency

- Ready-to-use products: immediate use, time-saving

- Consistent quality

- Storable at room temperature