Shel Lab Drosophila Refrigerated Incubators

The LIFLY Superfly Incubator takes advantage of the range of temperatures acceptable in Drosophila culture.
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LIFLY Drosophila Specific Refrigerated Incubator, 20.3 Cu.Ft. 120V SH-SRI21F
LIFLY Drosophila Specific Refrigerated Incubator w/Glass View Pane, 20.3 Cu.Ft. 120V SH-SRI21FV

Temperature Range 0°C to 29°C

Capacity of Standard B.O.D. Bottles 305

Shelving 8

Standard low temperature incubators are intended for Biological Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.) applications. B.O.D. incubators are designed for wastewater treatment, not Drosophila culture. B.O.D. testing can tolerate the temperature fluctuations associated with defrost cycling to prevent freezing coils. Fruit Flies cannot tolerate these temperature spikes.

The Superfly Drosophila specific incubator functions within the range of temperatures preferred by fruit flies. Rather than striving to maintain a distinct set point within 0.25°C, the incubator gently fluctuates between 17°C and 19°C.