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Serological Pipettes, Bulk Packaged

Quick Overview

-Durable bulk packaging helps eliminate bag puncture and zip-lock closure helps maintain product sterility

-Fine line graduation printing contributes to accuracy of at least +/- 2%

-Negative graduations provide increased volume versatility

-Reverse graduations on 5, 10, 25, and 50mL pipettes

-Cotton plugged and color-coded according to international convention

-Lot number and best before date on each bulk pack

Choose Product Configurations

Product Name Part # Image Price Qty
Serological pipette, PS, 1mL, Bulk Wrapped, Sterile, 1/100 graduations, YLW color code, 25/Pack, 1000/Case

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Serological Pipette, PS, 2mL, Bulk Wrapped, Sterile, w/ 1/100 Graduations, GRN Color Code, 25/Pack, 1000/Case

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Serological pipette, PS, 5mL, Bulk Wrapped, Sterile, 1/10 graduations, BLU color code, 25/Pack, 500/Case

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Serological pipette, PS, 10mL, Bulk Wrapped, Sterile, 1/10 graduations, ORNG color code, 25/Pack, 500/Case

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Serological Pipette, PS, 25mL, Bulk Wrapped, Sterile, w/ 1/10 Graduations, Red Color Code, 25/Pack, 200/Case

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