Rota-Rack™ Tube Racks

Get organized with this fun, interlocked racks
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Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Tube rack, Rota-Rack™ for microtubes, 1 each 74-29040B
Tube rack, Rota-Rack™ for large tubes, 1 each 74-29040A

-Rotate each of the four modules independently.

-Use several sizes of test tubes, culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, or microcentrifuge tubes at the same time.

-Click each module into place, load with tubes, and carry!

-Rack maintains its orientation until you twist it again.

-Comes fully assembled.


-Each module of the Rota-Rack for large tubes holds two 50 mL tubes, eight 15 mL tubes, six 20 mm tubes, or ten 10-13 mm tubes.

-Each module of the Rota-Rack for microtubes holds six 15 mL tubes, nine 1.5/2.0 mL tubes, twelve 0.5/0.6 mL tubes, or thirty-two 0.2 mL PCR™ tubes or four 8-tube strips.