MSP brand PCR Tubes & Strips

Certified DNA, DNase, RNase and pyrogen-free
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PCR tubes, individual, 0.2mL with flat cap, 1000/pack 62-1024-1
PCR tubes, individual, 0.2mL with domed cap, 1000/pack 62-1024-2
PCR strips of 8 tubes with domed caps, packaged separately, 125/pack 62-1024-3

Designed for oil-free operation, these tubes are made of transparent superior quality grade polypropylene for better viewing of the contents. Their ultra-thin wall design will ensure rapid thermal transfer and a significant reduction in cycle and PCR reaction time.

Attached hinged caps are either dome or flat-topped and can be used with heated lids used by thermal cycler manufacturers. They provide positive sealing during thermal cycling and will prevent evaporation while being easily opened and closed with one hand. The cap has an integral shield preventing contamination with surface of lid. Frosted writing surface for sample identification.