Dynarex CSR Sterilization Wraps

Perfect for gas and steam sterilization
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
CSR Wrap, 45x45, 250/case D02-4445
CSR Wrap, 20x20, 500/case D02-4420
CSR Wrap, 36x36, 250/case D02-4436
CSR Wrap, 54x54, 100/case D02-4454
CSR Wrap, 54x72, 100/case D02-4472
CSR Wrap, 15x15, 1000/case D02-4415
CSR Wrap, 30x30, 250/case D02-4430
CSR Wrap, 48x48, 100/case D02-4448
CSR Wrap, 24x24, 500/case D02-4424
CSR Wrap, 40x40, 250/case D02-4440
CSR Wrap, 12x12, 1000/case D02-4412

* A superior non-woven wrapping fabric for gas and steam sterilization.

* Folds and drapes like muslin - no springback.

* Strong; tear resistant; folds easily.

* Repellent to water, blood and saline.

* Effective against both air and water borne bacteria.