Evergreen Scientific 8-Well Strips

Evergreen's 8-well strips feature raised rims on each well to minimize cross-contamination. Available in flat-bottom, round "U" bottom, conical "V" bottom, open-bottom format for membrane attachment, and our new "C" bottom which has a small chamfered/radiused corner with a large flat bottom. The strips are held securely in place by frames that are constructed of a special formulation of engineering plastics for dimensional stability and strength. The frames have alpha-numeric well designations to provide quick sample location.
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Treated 8-well ELISA strips; round "U" bottom, preassembled, 12 strips/frame, sterile, 50 frames 52-333806201R
Untreated 8-well strips w/small chamfered/radiused corner & large flat bottom, sterile, 100 strips 52-222808401C
Untreated 8-well strips w/small chamfered/radiused corner & large flat bottom, non-sterile, 100 strips 52-290817501C
Frame for 8-well strips, non-sterile, grid pattern, 12 frames 52-290810301N
Untreated 8-well strips; flat bottom, non-sterile, 1000 strips 52-290817101F
Untreated 8-well strips; flat bottom sterile, 100 strips 52-222808101F
Treated 8-well ELISA strips; flat bottom, preassembled, 12 strips/frame, sterile. 50 frames 52-333805701F
Untreated 8-well strips; open-bottom, non-sterile, 100 strips 52-2908174010


Our 8-well strips offer lot-to-lot optical consistency and are compatible with all current plate readers, washers, and pipettors. Every strip is precision-molded from selected polystyrene for minimal well-to-well and plate-to-plate variations and uniformly low background readings.


ELISA 8-well strips are specially treated and gamma-irradiated for enhanced protein binding, making them ideal for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and enzyme immunoassays (EIA).


STRIPS 8-well strips are available sterile (gamma-irradiated) and non-sterile for low binding capacity.