Dynarex Applicators and Wood Products

Multiple styles of sterile and nonsterile applicators
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Tongue Depressor, 6", Sterile, 100/bx, 1000/case D02-4314
Wood Applicator, 6", 864/bx D02-4323
Applicator, Cotton Tipped, 6", Non-Sterile, 100/bg, 10bg/bx, 10bx/case (10,000) D02-4302
Applicator, Cotton Tipped, 6", Sterile, 2/pouch, 200/bx, 2000/case D02-4305
Tongue Depressor, 5.5", Junior, Sterile, 100/bx, 1000/case D02-4313
Wood Applicator, 6", 864/bx, 10368/case D02-4323CS
Applicator, Cotton Tipped, 3", Non-Sterile, 100/bg, 10bg/bx, 10bx/case (10,000) D02-4301
Applicator, Cotton Tipped, 6", Sterile, 1/pouch, 100/bx, 1000/case D02-4304
Tongue Depressor, 6", Non-Sterile, 500/bx, 5000/case D02-4312
Applicator, Cotton Tipped, 3", Sterile, 2/pouch, 200/bx, 2000/case D02-4303
Tongue Depressor, 5.5", Junior, Non-Sterile, 500/bx, 5000/case D02-4311

Cotton Tipped Applicators

* Cotton tipped applicator sticks and tips are manufactured to uniform length and shape.

* Cotton tips are highly absorbent.

* Sterile applicators are packaged in convenient peel-down pouches.

Tongue Depressors

* Precision cut-polished smooth edges.

* Sturdy, uniform in size and color.

* Sterile blades packed in convenient peel-down pouches.

Wood Applicators

* Smoothly polished white birch applicators.

* Splinter free edges.