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BrandTech Scientific VACUUBRAND® Tyro12™ Chemistry Design Dry Vacuum Pump

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Pump is supplied complete with power cable, operating manual and one-year warranty.

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VACUUBRAND Tyro12 Chemistry Design Vacuum Pump, 120V, US plug

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The VACUUBRAND Tyro12™ vacuum pump is an economical new vacuum pump for a wide variety of laboratory tasks when budgets are a concern. Offering 12Torr (15mbar) ultimate vacuum and 35lpm (1.2cfm) free air capacity, the Tyro12™ is suitable for rotary evaporation, gel drying, and many other evaporative tasks. With integrated gas ballast and heavy-duty valves, the Tyro12™ is especially tolerant of condensed vapors, and can evaporate the following solvents at room temperature:


•tert-butanol and higher alcohols

•ethyl acetate





Many other popular solvents can be evaporated in heated applications. The Tyro12™ is also an excellent choice for filtration and other general laboratory needs.