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Biohazard Incinerator Cartons

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Cardboard cartons allow safe, convenient disposal and incineration of biohazardous waste.

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Biohazard incinerator carton, benchtop model, 8" x 8" x 10", 6/case

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Biohazard incinerator carton, floor model, 12" x 12" x 27", 6/case

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The Scienceware® Biohazard Incinerator Carton simplifies proper handling and disposal of biohazard waste. The carton is intended to be burned together with its contents. A 1.5 mil thick, clear polypropylene biohazard bag liner resists tearing and leaking. The bag remains suspended within the receptacle by tabs alongside the top edge that interlock with the lid. When the carton is full, a safety covering flap is pulled into place and the entire unit is ready for transfer and incineration.

Labeling includes large, colorful biohazard graphics and instructions in four languages; English, French, German and Spanish. Ships flat to save space and shipping costs, assembles in seconds. Select floor or bench top size to match requirements, 10 and 63 liter (2.3 & 14.4 gal) respectively. Clearly labeled carton identifies biohazards for collection and incineration

• Bag and contents protected within cardboard carton

• Entire carton with its contents is intended to be burned

• Fixed lid has a flap to cover and contain contents and odors