Zeta Analytical (0.1mg) Balances (all models include windscreen 5000-61)

Readabiliteis of 0.1mg
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Single range 80g x 0.1mg SCT-ZSA80

A new, revolutionary weighing technology has recently been developed by Scientech. Since this advanced technology is so exceptional, the US Patent Office has issued Scientech a patent covering this impressive new design. In addition, this innovative technology is now the foundation for a new series of electronic balances which carry Scientech's ™Zeta™ trademark. The heart of the new Zeta Series is based on a direct-loading, electromagnetic, force-restoration cell concept, which differs dramatically from normal lever-configuration sensor designs.

Thus Zeta models have a more elegant design with fewer moving parts. The result is a more rugged balance with an easily repairable, modular sensor while preserving high performance. In addition, each unrivaled Zeta model is handcrafted in the USA and retains all the accuracy, durability, and use-friendly standard features you have come to expect from Scientech. The benefits inherent in the Zeta Series also empower Scientech to offer you a new North American 5-year warranty backed by Scientech's ISO9001 certification.