Wheaton Celstir* Double Sidearm Spinner Flasks

* Features an adjustable paddle blade impeller for better mixing. * Impeller rod does not protrude up through top cap. * Sidearms for 500 mL - 8 L flask allow vented caps which enables the flask to breathe while protecting from contamination. * Completely autoclavable. * 1:1 headspace for good gas exchange.
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
25ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356873
50ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356875
125ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356876
250ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356879
500ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356882
1000ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356884
3000ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356887
6000ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356889
8000ml Celstir* Flask, 1/case WE-356890

The Celstir Spinner Flask features an adjustable paddle blade impeller for better mixing. The addition of the bottom dimple to flasks 125 mL and larger improves circulation and reduces the accumulation of cells in the center of the flask. Celstirs provide maximum surface interface between culture and flask atmosphere. Use the Celstirs for microcarrier and suspension cultures such as insect cells, hybridomas, and adapted cell lines. The entire unit may be autoclaved at 121°C for 20 minutes. Celstirs are made from Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to ASTM Type I, Class A and USP Type I requirements. Wheaton also offers a non-breakable stainless steel shaft assembly kit as a retrofit to your Celstir. Units 500 mL and larger can be used with the Vented Cap (Cat. No. W240751). Graduations: Sizes 125 to 1000 mL are graduated in 50 mL increments; sizes 3000 to 8000 mL are graduated in 500 mL increments; sizes 25 mL and 50 mL are non-graduated.

Cat. No.           Volume (ml)           Dia x H (mm)           Cap Size           Sidearm Size
WE-356873           25           38 x 122           38-430           15-415
WE-356875           50           38 x 141           38-430           15-415
WE-356876           125           65 x 155           51-400           33-430
WE-356879           250           85 x 175           51-400           33-430
WE-356882           500           110 x 190           100-400           45mm
WE-356884           1000           130 x 250           100-400           45mm
WE-356887           3000           178 x 341           100-400           45mm
WE-356889           6000           258 x 404           100-400           45mm
WE-356890           8000           293 x 445           100-400           45mm