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Uritainer™ 24 Hr Urine Collection Container

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-Container made of high-density polyethylene

-Cap made of polypropylene

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Product Name Part # Image Price Qty
Uritainer 24Hour Urine Collection Bottle, 2.5 Liters, 40/Case

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Uritainer 24Hour Urine Collection Bottle 3.5 Liters, 24/Case

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Patient Identification Labels, 1000/Case

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Patient Instruction Labels, 1000/Case

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Caution Labels, 1000/Case

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Additional Details

This more conventional style urine bottle is available in 2 sizes: 2.5 L and 3.5 L. However, it incorporates some of the great features of the URISAFE 24 Hr Urine Collection Container.

1 The unique snap valve pour spout is easily popped open and offers dripless pouring

2 Specially designed leakproof screw cap with liner for safer transport

3 Metal free and resistant to hydrochloric acid

4 Large handle can be gripped comfortably

5 Volume level read in 50 ml increments

6 Can be gamma sterilized

The innovative cap:

• Snap valve pouring spout incorporated

• Leakproof: a cap liner ensures safe sample transport

The unique snap valve pour spout:

• Easily popped open or pushed shut

• Offers dripless pouring

• Controlled flow rate for better handling of poured volumes

• Reduced risks of aerosol contamination when pouring

• Eliminates splashing and exposure to hazardous body fluids

Large central handle:

• Can be gripped comfortably

• Permits pouring off of samples with ease and reduces fatigue

Chemically resistant:

• Metal and latex free

• Zinc and fluorescence free

• Resistant to hydrochloric acid

• Can be subjected to freezing, thawing and EtO gas sterilisation without causing changes in materials or physical appearance