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Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM)

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• Certified Reference Material

• Traceable® Certificate comes with each bottle

• Highest accuracy available

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Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 4.005

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CC-4280 Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 4.005
Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 7.000

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CC-4281 Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 7.000
Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 10.012

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CC-4282 Traceable® pH Buffer Standards (CRM) 10.012

Additional Details

The MOST accurate pH Standards available anywhere

Traceable® pH Standards, Certified Reference Materials, are 100% compatible with all instruments and probes. Accuracy for the Traceable® Buffer at 25°C is ±0.010 pH—the most precise available.

Certified Reference Materials meet Federal/State/local agencies’ strictest mandates and deliver exact calibration results for any pH meter.

Certification documentation supplied for every Traceable® Certified Reference Material A2LA ISO 17025 (Calibration Laboratory) and ISO Guide 34 (Certified Reference Material Producer) provide highest achievable levels of product production, documentation, and accuracy. Additional accreditations include ISO 31 (content) and ISO 35 (statistical analysis). ISO 9001 ensures that world-class product standards for Materials are always met.

Select values are manufactured to IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) formulation. All Certified Reference Materials feature resistance to temperature changes and long-term buffer stability.

To assure accuracy an individually serial-numbered Traceable® Certificate is supplied to indicate traceability to standards provided by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and/or a National Standards Laboratory.

Each 16 ounce bottle is supplied with an individual temperature compensation chart, traceability information, and Traceable® Certificate.