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Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun

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• Laser-beam sighting

• Fast readings

• Field view is 11:1

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Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun

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CC-4470 Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun

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Small, lightweight Traceable® Infrared Thermometer Gun takes instant, less-than-a-second, temperature readings of any surface. Unique design permits one-handed point-and-shoot readings. Laser-sighting beam permits aiming precisely at target surface. Use for food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, safety inspection, and any liquid or solid.

Range is –76 to 932°F and –60 to 500°C with a resolution of 0.1°. Accuracy: ±2°C or 2% of reading. Emissivity is fixed at 0.95. Field of view is 11:1 (example: reads a spot the size of 2 inches from 22 inches away). Features include backlighting at the touch of a button, data hold (freezes display reading), laser, low-battery indicator, automatic maximum recording, a °C/°F button, auto-off feature (15 seconds) to conserve battery power, and continuously on.