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SlipLock Flipper Rack

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-Slip Racks Together -Lock for Bigger Workstation -Stack for Storage -Fits Into Standard Freezer Racking

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SlipLock Flipper Racks, 4/Pack

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Colors Green, Blue, Red, Yellow
1.5 or 2.0mL Microtubes 24 per block
0.5mL Microtubes 16 per block
PCR Plates(96-well, un/semi-skirted plates) 1 per 2 blocks
PCR 8-Tube Strips 12 per 2 blocks
PCR 12-Tube Strips 11 per 2 blocks
Rack Dimensions(2 locked racks w/lid) 130 x 54 x 35mm
Packaging Sold as System of 4 Rack Units
Material Polypropylene, temp range of -80 to +121C