Cardboard Slide Trays

Features thumb cut for easy slide removal
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Slide mailer, cardboard, 20-place, 10/case 74-9902
20-Place Cardboard Slide Tray, Blue Trim, 72/Pack 74-HS9913
20-Place Cardboard Slide Tray, Green Trim, 72/Pack 74-HS9914
20-Place Slide Tray Cardboard, Red Trim, 72/Pack 74-HS120196
20-Place Slide Tray Cardboard, Yellow Trim, 72/Pack 74-HS120197
Slide mailer, cardboard, 30-place, 40/case 74-9930
Our cardboard slide trays hold standard slides (75 x 25 mm and 3 x 1"). The horizontal compartments are recessed to protect the specimens when the cover is closed. Features thumb cut for easy slide removal. Now available with blue and green tape and imprinting.