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Riplate* 96-Square Well Plate

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Ideal for storing chemicals and compounds

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2ml Riplate, 96-Square Wells, 100/case

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RK-850356B 2ml Riplate, 96-Square Wells, 100/case
Riplate sealing cap mats, 20/pack

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The 96-deep well Riplate is available in polypropylene. The Riplate features the same footprint as all standard 96-well microtiter plates and is compatible with commonly used 8- and 12-channel pipettors. Such a plate is useful in carrying out combinatorial chemistry strategies using so-called microbead split and recombine reaction strategies. The market for such applications is in drug discovery.

The alphanumeric designation makes the Riplate ideal for storage or archiving of specimins. In addition, the Riplate is useful for DNA sequencing, ELISA and general procedures requiring a mother plate. Common uses include culture retieval of bacteria and cell tissue in clinical research applications. The Riplate is ideal for incubation and large volume applications such as receptor binding assays. Compatible with beckman J6 centrifuges, JR3.2 rotor.

The Riplate can be used in connection with the Bio-Mek 1000 Automated Laboratory Workstation for pharmaceutical R&D studies. The polypropylene Riplate is compatible for liquid nitrogen storage. Overall well plate dimensions are 128 x 86 x 42mm. Lids (Cap Mats) for the Riplate are available separately.