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quickAmp™ Genomic Seed PCR Kit

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Product Description:quickAmp™ Seed PCR kit combines reagents and enzymes for DNA sample extraction and amplification steps all in one convenient kit eliminating time consuming enzyme digestion, organic extraction and centrifugation conventional steps. Blue/Red Hot-Start Mastermix PCR reagent optimized for genomic sample amplification included in the kit is also available to be sold separately. It is ideal for quick tissue assays from varieties of seeds such as soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum, Arabidopsis, and etc.

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quickAmp™ Seed PCR Kit, 100rxns

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quickAmp™ Seed PCR Kit, 1000rxns

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Typical Applications include: Genotyping, Transgene detection, Knockout analysis, and etc. Feature highlights: • Quick PCR (<15 minutes) kit from extraction to amplification • Sensitive only require one single seed Detail easy to follow protocols accompany kit for ease of use. In a typical procedure, DNA is extracted and prepared from a sample that has been incubated in Preparation solution and Extraction solution. The sample is then neutralized and followed by PCR. The remainder of the DNA can be refrigerated for convenient storage.