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Pro Scientific Multi-Gen 7

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PRO Scientific's Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer generators are the only β€œgreen” homogenizing choice for your lab when you are processing many samples at a time and are worried about cross contamination between samples.

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Multi-Gen motor unit adapter

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Multi-Gen Ejector Clamp Assembly For use with 80-00200 PRO200 Homogenizer Stand Assembly only. Includes: Post clamp assembly, cross rod assembly, ejector collar

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Additional Details

• Unlike existing disposable systems, which are manufactured from plastic, the MULTI-GEN 7 is constructed of 316 stainless steel and PTFE making it better for the environment and more durable for all your samples.

• The MULTI-GEN 7 quickly attaches to the motor unit by means of a special motor collar design that also allows the operator hands free ejection of the used generator, minimizing the chance of operator contamination when attaching the next generator.

• The superior construction of the Multi-Gen 7 Homogenizer generators, allow them to meet the ever increasing demand to homogenize many samples without the risk of cross contamination and eliminating the need to spend valuable time cleaning the generator between samples.

• Multi-Gen Homogenizer generators are approximately 7mmx75mm and therefore the ideal tube size for using the Multi-Gen system is a 1.5/2.0 microtube or a 5ml tube.

• The MULTI-GEN 7 Homogenizer Generator is economically available in a package of twelve or twenty-four 7mm generators for use on all existing as well as new PRO homogenizer models.

• MULTI-GEN 7 homogenizer packages are conveniently available as part of our Standard, Deluxe or Premium Micro-Homogenizing Packages.