Zone-Free™ Sealing Films

Zone-Free™ Sealing Films
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PCR plate sealing film, Zone-Free™, polyethylene/polypropylene, non sterile, 50/pack 16-ZAFPE5

With a 70 µm top layer and inert white polypropylene and acrylic adhesive sublayer, this easy-piercing sealing film allows direct sample recovery with single or multichannel pipettors and robotic probes. The adhesive-free zone above each well prevents adhesive fouling of the pipet tip or probe, ultimately minimizing the amount of adhesive that comes into contact with the sample. Dimensions are 79.4 by 142.9 mm for 96-well plates.

* Clear zone above each well is free of adhesive and easily pierceable

* Clear zones and end tabs facilitate well alignment and accurate positioning

* Inert, chemical resistant

* Functional temperature range -40 °C to +90 °C