OmniPrep™ for Soil


-Removes humic acid, a strong PCR interfering agent

-Samples ready for PCR Spin Column format

-Rapid extraction of DNA

-Suitable for 50 x 100mg soil samples


-Isolate PCR ready DNA from environmental samples

-Samples includ compost, manure, soil and sediment

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OmniPrep™ Soil DNA, 50 preps GBS-786469

The OmniPrep™ Soil DNA kit provides all the reagents necessary to isolate PCR ready DNA for a large variety of environmental samples. The kit is primarily designed for use with environmental samples containing a high humic acid content, including difficult soil samples such as compost, manure and sediment. A major issue with high humic acid samples is the humic acids, and metals and polysaccharides, inhibit subsequent PCR. OmniPrep™ Soil DNA SoilOUT™ columns remove this interfering agents allowing for successful PCR.

The kit uses a rapid precipitation technique that uses unique precipitation reagents to isolate genomic DNA free from proteins and RNA. Pure genomic DNA is isolated in ~60 minutes. The resulting genomic DNA is passed through the SoilOUT™ columns to remove the humic acid. The resulting sample is ready for PCR.