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Nichiryo Repetitive Pipetter

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Fast and convenient repetitive pipetting

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The Nichimate™ Repeat Volume Pipettor provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Use of the Nichimate™ saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipettor. 40 different variations of dispensing. Samples can be dispensed at intervals as fast as 1 second without compromising accuracy or reproducibility.

The slender body of the Nichimate™ fits comfortably in the natural contour of your hand. The plunger is located on the top of the unit, like that of a standard pipette, for easy access and reduction of hand strain. The Nichimate™ performs best when used with the dispenser syringe tips found below but will also work with CombiTips for the Eppendorf Repeater.