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MSP brand Pipette Carousel Stand

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MSP brand Pipette Carousel Stand

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Special designed "notch" allows this rack to fit Gilson Pipetman and Rainin Classic and LTS pipetters!

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MSP brand Carousel for 6 pipettes

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The MSPbrand pipette carousel stand is designed to accomodate a set of six single-channel pipettes and keep them within your reach, ready for use. The freely rotating circular rack section has been painstakingly engineered to fit and secure not only the most popular pipette types, but over twenty different pipette brands and the vast majority of all pipette brands on the market today. This list includes, but is not limited to: Gilson Pipetman, Rainin Classic and LTS, Eppendorf Research Plus and various models of Labnet and HTL variable volume pipettes.

With a convenient handle knob at the top, the entire carousel stand can be easily and safely carried or repositioned. even with a full load of six pipettes. The wide heavyweight base contains a hidden steel stability plate, providing a solid foundation for the carousel and eliminates any possibility of tipping. Compact (only 6.25 inches in diameter), stable and versatile, this carousel stand is a welcome addition to any research laboratory.