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EMD Loose Sorbents for the Self-preparation of TLC Plates

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Standardized sorbents ensure reliable results every time.

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LiChrospher® 60 5µm, 10gram glass bottle

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Silica Gel 60 PF254, 2.5kg poly bottle

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LiChrospher® 60 5µm, 100 gram glass bottle

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Superspher® 60 4µm, 10gram glass bottle

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LiChrospher® 100 5µm, 10 gram glass bottle

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Silica Gel 60 G for Thin Layer Chromatography, 5kg metal can

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EMD’s broad spectrum meets all kinds of needs. In TLC, silica gel 60 sorbent is considered the most versatile. Our assortment of silica gel 60 features different grades with particle sizes ranging from 5-40 µm: silica with a gypsum binder, silica with no foreign binder, and silica gel with a fluorescence indicator. We also offer high-quality aluminum oxide, cellulose microcrystalline, and kieselgur (also known as diatomaceous earth).