Evergreen Scientific Polypropylene Microplates

Polypropylene microplates offer higher temperature resistance and are less reactive than polystyrene. Polypropylene microplates are useful in drug screening/monitoring, DNA, and cell biology studies.
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Untreated 24-well plates; polypropylene, flat bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290832403F
Untreated 384-well plate; polypropylene, flat-bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290838808F
Lids for 96-well plates, polypropylene, untreated, non-sterile, 105/case 52-290802003L
Untreated 96-well plates; polypropylene, round "U" bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290-8353-03R
Now Only $115.58 Regular Price $120.95
Untreated 96-well plates; polypropylene, conical "V" bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290835503V
Untreated 96-well plates; polypropylene, flat bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290835003F


Every plate is precision-molded from select polypropylene to ensure minimal well-to-well and plate-to-plate variations. In addition, Evergreen's 96-well microplates feature raised rims on each well to minimize cross-contamination.


Evergreen's microplates are compatible with all current plate readers, washers, and pipettors. Our 96-well and 384-well microplates feature robotic sidewall notches for automated handling.


Evergreen's 384-well plate can significantly reduce the cost of biotechnological research and pharmaceutical drug screening because of reduced reagent consumption. In addition, there are four times the number of wells as regular 96-well plates which saves valuable lab space.


Our microplates have numerically labeled columns and alphabetically labeled rows. The extra distinct alpha-numeric designations identify each well for quick sample location and reference.


For our 96-well microplates, we offer optional one-way fitting polypropylene lids. Our lids have raised rings to provide a snug fit, reduce excess evaporation, and minimize condensation.