Evergreen Scientific Polypropylene 384-well Black and White Microplates

Evergreen's polystyrene 384-well plate is designed for pharmaceutical drug screening, recombinant DNA studies, and screening nucleic acid libraries in high-volume labs using robotics.
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Clear 384-well plate; polystyrene, individual packed, flat-bottom, sterile, 50/case 52-222821001I
Clear 384-well plate; polystyrene, bulk packed, flat-bottom, non-sterile, 60/case 52-2908217010
Untreated 384-well plate; polypropylene, flat-bottom, no lids, non-sterile, 100/case 52-290838808F
Black 384-well plate; polystyrene, bulk packed, flat-bottom, non-sterile, 60/case 52-2908225Z10


Polypropylene microplates offer higher temperature resistance and are less reactive than polystyrene. Polypropylene microplates are useful in drug screening/monitoring, DNA and cell biology studies.


Our plates conform to recently recommended standardized dimensions for length, width, and well-to-well spacing. The 384 round wells are arranged in a 24x16 format. The well-to-well spacing in both the horizontal and vertical directions is 0.1772 inches (4.50 mm) center-to-center. Each plate has a flat, optical bottom with a maximum well volume of 0.085 ml. MP384-3


Evergreen's 384-well plates have the same external footprint dimensions as a standard 96-well plate (5.030 in x 3.365 in) (127.76 mm x 85.47 mm) and are designated MP384-3 compliant.


Evergreen's 384-well plate can significantly reduce the cost of biotechnological research and pharmaceutical drug screening because of reduced reagent consumption. In addition, there are four times the number of wells as regular 96-well plates. This saves valuable lab space in the incubator, freezer, or on the bench where one 384-well plate can be used instead of four 96-well plates.


Every Evergreen 384-well plate is precision-molded from select polystyrene for uniformly low background readings and minimal well-to-well variation.


Our 384-well plates have numerically labeled columns and alphabetically labeled rows. The extra distinct alpha-numeric designations identify each well for quick sample location and reference.


Our plates feature robotic sidewall notches for automated handling. They are compatible with all current plate readers, washers, and pipettors.


The plates are available in transparent polystyrene, opaque white polystyrene, and black polystyrene.


The transparent plates are available either bulk packed or individually packaged & gamma irradiated for sterility. All plates are certified RNase & DNase free.