Wide-Mouth Bottles, Polypropylene

These Polypropylene Wide Mouth Bottles are ideal for storing and shipping liquids and dry products. Heavy threaded caps will not loosen under vibration and are designed to be torque-closed.
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
BOTTLE, WM, 16 OZ/500ML, PP, 12/BG AC-F106320007
BOTTLE, WM, 4 OZ/125ML, PP, 12/BG AC-F106320005
BOTTLE, WM, 32 OZ/1000ML, PP, 6/BG AC-F106320008
BOTTLE, WM, 8 OZ/250ML, PP, 12/BG AC-F106320006

* Chemical and corrosion resistant, autoclavable 121° C (250°F) Remove caps before autoclaving.

* Molded with FDA compliant polypropylene

* Heavy knurled polypropylene caps have a watertight valve-seal

* Boston round bottles have smooth surfaces and round corners that drain completely

* Good choice for packaging chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental and laboratory samples