Biomedical Polymers Centrifuge Bottles

* Available with standard caps for low-speed work and sealing caps for high-speed applications

* Sealing caps have a built-in gripper to facilitate removal from the rotor

* Extra thick walls for durability-resistant to most chemicals

* Wide mouth design makes filling and decanting easier

Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Centrifuge Bottle, 250ml, polycarbonate, screw closure, 4/pack, 36/case 09-BMP-CE-904
Centrifuge Bottle, 250ml, polycarbonate, seal closure, 4/pack, 36/case 09-BMP-CE-906
Centrifuge Bottle, 250ml, polypropylene, screw closure, 4/pack, 36/case 09-BMP-CE-900
Centrifuge Bottle, 500ml, polycarbonate, screw closure, 4/pack, 24/case 09-BMP-CE-912
Centrifuge Bottle, 500ml, polypropylene, screw closure, 4/pack, 24/case 09-BMP-CE-908
Centrifuge Bottle, 250ml, polypropylene, seal closure, 4/pack, 36/case 09-BMP-CE-902
Centrifuge Bottle, 500ml, polycarbonate, seal closure, 4/pack, 24/case 09-BMP-CE-914
Centrifuge Bottle, 500ml, polypropylene, seal closure, 4/pack, 24/case 09-BMP-CE-910

These precision molded centrifuge bottles are available in polycarbonate or polypropylene. For low speed applications the bottles provide excellent value for large volume/large batch centrifugation procedures. Bottles with standard caps provide reliable performance up to 8250 xg (7400 xg for the 1 L size) in swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors. For high-speed work, the easy-to-use Noryl® sealing caps with silicone 0-rings enable leak-free processing at high centrifugal forces over long durations. Bottles must be filled to 80% of capacity.

Centrifuge bottles may be autoclaved at 121°C at 15 psi for 20 minutes. Caps should be placed on the bottles without engaging the threads. Bottles are qualified to the rated g-forces using Sorvall® and Fiberlight® high-speed rotors, tested at 20°C, with bottles filled to 80% of capacity.