Secador® 4.0 Horizontal Auto-Desiccator Cabinet

The unit offers a pair of latches at the top and loops for secure storage and its co-polyester material stops 99% of UV radiation. A door-mounted dial hygrometer allows RH inside the cabinet to be conveniently monitored. The unit features convenient handles that making it very portable. The instrument comes with 2 vented, adjustable shelves.
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Overall dimensions: 34. 1 cm H X 51.8 cm W X 41.4 cm D (13.4" H X" 20.4 W X 16.3" D). Bottom-hinged door opening is: 22.5 cm H X 41.7 cm W (16.4" H X 8.9" W).

 Internal volume: 1.9 cu ft.

Features electronic system that detaches humidity effectively

* Automatic desiccant regeneration

* Electrically powered air circulation

* Rapid reduction of RH to approximately 25% in less than 8 hours.

* Co-polyester plastic construction safeguards against stains, fine cracks and chemical action.

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