Lab Armour™ Beads and Accessories

Turn a water bath into a mold-free, eco-friendly Bead Bath™. Lab Armor™ Beads are an eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to water.
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
6 L Bead Bath with 5 L Lab Armor Beads LA-309706
14 L Bead Bath with 12 L Lab Armor Beads LA-309714
20 L Bead Bath with 16 L Lab Armor Beads LA-309720
0.75 L Lab Armor Beads, replaces 2 blocks LA-370750
2 L Lab Armor Beads (1 x 2 L) LA-370002
4 L Lab Armor Beads (1 x 4 L) LA-370004
8 L Lab Armor Beads (2 x 4 L) LA-370008
Walkabout Insulative Scoop Tray without Lab Armor Beads LA-438002
Walkabout Insulative Scoop Tray with 1.0 L Lab Armor Beads LA-438001
1 L StayTemp Equipment Tray with 1 L Lab Armor Beads LA-956050
2 L StayTemp Equipment Tray with 2 L Lab Armor Beads LA-956001
4 L StayTemp Equipment Tray with 4 L Lab Armor Beads LA-956003
Chill Bucket without Lab Armor Beads, includes Bead Bag, Chill Packs (2) LA-200005
Chill Bucket with Lab Armor Beads, includes Bead Bag, Chill Packs (2) LA-200001
Chill Packs, pack of 4 LA-200200

The eco-friendly and low-maintenance metallic beads replace water in water baths, aluminum blocks in dry baths and even ice in ice buckets. The innovative Lab Armor Beads can also be used in containers placed in ovens and incubators to replace sample racks.

Lab Armor Beads are ideal for laboratory use because they alleviate the need for water and ice -- reducing contamination events, the need to regularly change water, and the need for ice machines. Lab Armor Beads thaw, warm and chill samples with high thermal efficiency, while avoiding common temperature fluctuations caused by evaporation.

Lab Armor Beads are also self-supporting, so the racks and clips normally required to hold sample containers in position are eliminated and sample containers can actually be positioned at an angle. The problem of sample containers floating or becoming contaminated in a water bath is also eliminated, providing users with more assurance of cleaner data and lower costs.

Lab Armor Beads support a wide temperature range of less than -80 ° C to over 350° C for a broad range of laboratory uses.