Argos Technologies E-Vac Aspiration Systems

Safe, compact, self-contained waste system provides an alternative to traditional in-house vacuum!
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These compact waste systems are ideal for use with critical or dangerous liquids or supernatants, pathogens, or any class III or IV biohazard laboratories. Quite, oil-free membrane pump has a range from -250mm to 650 mm Hg. Once target vacuum is reached, pump automatically switches off. Pump automatically switches on when vacuum pressure is applied allowing it to maintain a constant vacuum pressure ™ perfect for gentle aspiration of small plates and dishes, as well as rapid emptying of larger containers. Easy-to-clean stainless steel housing is UV-resistant for use in laminar hoods.

The E-Vac bottles can be autoclaved for 20 minutes at 121° C to prevent laboratory contamination. Base units are illuminated to allow visual inspection of waste levels in the bottle. Dual hydrophobic filters prevent liquids from reaching the pump housing and contaminating the system.

E-Vac is available with a 4-L polypropylene bottle or a 3-L safety glass bottle. Polypropylene and glass bottles offer lids equipped with quick-release tubing connectors for safe and convenient tubing connections; and level detection sensor that automatically shuts the pump off when the bottle is full. Polypropylene bottle also available with lid fitted with standard barbed tube fittings.

* Compact, user-friendly design.

* Level detection system prevents bottle overfill.

* Control knob for infinite vacuum setting from -250 mbar to -650 mbar.

* Includes HandE-Vac hand operator with single-channel plastic adapter.

* All wetted parts such as bottle, lid, tubing, connectors and hand operator are autoclavable.

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