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KOD XL DNA Polymerase

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High performance enzyme blend for long and accurate PCR

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KOD XL DNA Polymerase, 250 u

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KOD XL DNA Polymerase, 1250 u

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KOD XL DNA Polymerase* is an optimized blend of KOD DNA Polymerase and a mutant form of KOD that is deficient in 3′→5′ exonuclease activity (Nishioka 2002). This enzyme mixture is designed for reliable amplification of long, complex targets with robust yield and high accuracy. It can also be used for incorporation of derivatized dNTPs in PCR amplicons (Sawai 2002, Sawai 2001). KOD XL DNA Polymerase generates a mixture of PCR products with blunt and 3′-dA overhangs, suitable for cloning with Novagen Perfectly Blunt®, AccepTor™, and LIC Vector Kits.