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KOD Hot Start Master Mix

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Premixed 2X KOD Hot Start PCR components for convenience and reproducibility

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KOD Hot Start Master Mix, 100 rxn

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KOD Hot Start Master Mix, 500 rxn

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KOD Hot Start Master Mix* is a ready-to-use 2X mixture optimized for convenient high-fidelity PCR. The mix contains KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase, two monoclonal antibodies, ultrapure deoxynucleotides, and reaction buffer with MgSO4. The Master Mix simplifies PCR set-up, offering time savings, consistency, and minimal risk of contamination. The mix is ideal for use in high-throughput applications. Simply add KOD Hot Start Master Mix to an equal volume of sample containing DNA template and primers.

The final diluted reaction contains 1 U KOD Hot Start DNA Polymerase per 50 µl reaction. The smaller available size provides sufficient master mix for 100 (50 µl scale), or 250 (20 µl scale) reactions, while the larger size is adequate for 500 (50 µl scale) or 1250 (20 µl scale) reactions.

Features and Benefits:

-Highest accuracy, yield, and processivity of commercially available proofreading DNA polymerases

-Amplifies genomic DNA templates up to 12 kbp

-Amplifies plasmid and lambda DNA template up to 21 kbp

-Eliminates mispriming and primer-dimer formation

-Conveient ambient-temperature setup compatible with automation

-KOD Hot Start Buffer ensures optimal PCR performance over a wide range of targets.