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Genomic Tube-O-DIALYZER™

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-Rapid removal of impurities, RNA, small fragment DNA, etc.

-100% sample recovery.

-Single tube for dialysis and storage, prevents sample loss.

-Hold 0.2-2.5ml sample.

-No contamination.

-Supplied with 25 genomic Tube-O-DIALYZER™, floats and caps.

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Genomic Tube-O-DIALYZER™, 25/kit

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Additional Details

Genomic Tube-O-DIALYZER™ rapidly dialyzes >100kb genomic DNA samples to remove small DNA, salts, RNA and other contaminants with minimal hands-on manipulation.

Based on our patented Tube-O-DIALYZER™, the genomic Tube-O-DIALYZER™ has a dialysis membrane secured in the cap. Simply pipette your >100kb genomic DNA sample into the Tube-O-DIALYZER™ tube, screw on the dialysis cap and dialyze. To recover 100% of your sample, quickly (<10 seconds) centrifuge the tube and replace the dialysis cap with the supplied storage cap and store.