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G-CAPSULE™ Electroelution Device

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G-CAPSULE™ Electroelution Device

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The G-CAPSULE™ weight is a small weight device that prevents G-CAPSULE™ from floating when it is submerged under buffer during electroelution (see figure 2).

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G-CAPSULE™ Weight, 1 weight

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G-CAPSULE™, 55/box

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Electroelution of nucleic acids and proteins has many advantages as it avoids centrifugation, vortexing, heating, precipitation and allows minimal manipulation of samples. Electroelution normally involves dialysis tubing, which results in extreme dilution of precious samples. G-Capsule™ is a simple electroelution device that excises DNA or protein bands and elutes your sample in a final volume of ~30µl.

G-CAPSULE™ has two parts: the G-Pick™ and the G-Trap™. The user simply picks up the protein or nucleic acid band with the G-Pick™ and assembles it with the G-Trap™. The assembled G-CAPSULE™ is submerged in electrophoresis buffer on a horizontal electrophoresis system, and then the protein or nucleic acid is rapidly eluted into the G-Trap™ (see figure 1 for more details).