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G Biosciences® Tri-Xtract™

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G Biosciences® Tri-Xtract™

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For the preparation of high quality RNA, free from DNA and proteins.

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Tri-Xtract™, 100mL

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GBS-786652 Tri-Xtract™, 100mL
Tri-Xtract™, 200mL

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GBS-786653 Tri-Xtract™, 200mL

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Tri-Xtract™ is a convenient, ready-to-use reagent designed for the isolation of total RNA that is free from protein and DNA contamination. The isolated RNA is suitable for Northern blots, dot blot hybridization, in-vitro translation, RNase protection assays and poly (A+) selection.

Tri-Xtract™ is a monophasic solution of phenol and guanidine thiocyanate that maintains the integrity of the RNA during cell disruption and homogenization, the addition of chloroform results in the separation of the homogenate into aqueous and organic phases. RNA partitions to the aqueous phase, DNA to the interphase, and proteins to the organic phase. The total RNA is recovered by isopropyl alcohol precipitation. The DNA and proteins can also be recovered by sequential precipitation from the organic phase.

Tri-Xtract™ is suitable for the isolation of total RNA, including mRNA, hnRNA, ribosomal RNA and tRNA, from small quantities of tissues (50-100mg) and cells (5 x 106) from human, animal, plant, yeast, bacterial and viral origin. Total RNA is isolated in under an hour and the subsequent isolation of DNA and protein in less than three hours.