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ConvoyTransfection Reagent

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ConvoyTransfection Reagent

Quick Overview

Convoy is new generation cationic polymer gene transfection reagent. It has several unique features necessary for efficient transfection - DNA condensation and endosomal release, which improves gene transfection efficiency.

Compared with cationic lipids, cationic polymers are extremely stable, easy to handle, and more resistant to serum in cell culture.

The above advantages make gene transfection much easier and reproducible. Convoy are widely used for both primary cell and established cell lines.

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Convoy™ Transfection Reagent

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Feature Highlights:

- High transfection efficiency

Under comparison with other commercial brands in the U.S., Convoy is more stable both in presence and absence of serum, and shows higher transfection efficiency than cationic lipid in some most commonly used cell lines. Convoy  shows especially higher transfection efficiency in HUVEC (primary cell), which is insensate to most transfection reagents including cationic lipids.

- Low Cytotoxicity

The cell survival rate is over 90%, when experiment is carried in suitable condition and with recommended Convoy dosage.

- Simplified Protocol

< 30 minutes                  l Detail Transfection Protocol l

As a serum resistant reagent, the transfection procedure is very simple: the DNA/transfection reagent complexes can be directly added into complete cell medium and waited for transfection assay (See Protocol Link above). With no need to change medium, the transfection can be finished in half an hour, and the whole procedure is simple, short and flexible. Additionally, cytotoxicity is found to be lower with ConvoyTM by carrying out simplified shortened protocol.

- Compatibility with most cell lines