National Scientific 4mL Crimp Snap Vials

Fits Waters'™ 4mL WISP™ and other 15x45mm autosampler trays
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
13mm Aluminum Crimp Seal, PTFE/RR Septum, 144/pack NS-C40151AP
2.5mL, 15x45mm, Accuform Polypropylene, High Recovery Base, Snap/Crimp Vial, 200/pack NS-C401512
13mm Snapcap Closure, Clear Polypropylene, PTFE/Red Rubber, 100/pack NS-C401551
13mm Snapcap Closure, Clear Polypropylene, PTFE Disk Septum, 100/pack NS-C401552
13mm Aluminum Crimp Seal, PTFE/Silicone, 144/pack NS-C40154A
13mm Snapcap Closure, Clear Polypropylene, PTFE/Silicone Septum, 100/pack NS-C401554
4mL, 15x45mm Clear Glass, Flat Base, Crimp/Snap Vial, 100/pack NS-C40154

# Vials feature a 13mm crimp/snap-ring finish™use with Aluminum Seals or Kim-Snap™ Closures

# Superior quality 33 expansion borosilicate clear glass Type 1, Class A

# Uniformly flat bottom for security with inserts