National Scientific 10-425 Septa

For use with 10-425 threaded caps
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
10mm Septum, Blue PTFE/White Silicone, Pre-slit, 100/pack NS-C401055
10mm Septum, Red PTFE/White Silicone, 100/pack NS-C401060
10mm Septum, Red PTFE/White Silicone, Star-slit, 100/pack NS-C401065
10mm Septum, Red PTFE/White Silicone/Red PTFE, 100/pack NS-C401040
10mm Septum, Ivory PTFE/Red Rubber, 100/pack NS-C401030
10mm Septum, Red PTFE/ Soft White Silicone, 100/pack NS-C401035

* PTFE Disk septa are chemically inert

* PTFE Red Rubber septa are economical for many GC applications

* PTFE/Silicone septa are most popular for HPLC and IC applications

* Pre-slit septa are easier to pierce with thin gauge needles