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CELLSTAR® OneWell Plate™

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CELLSTAR® OneWell Plate™

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Perfect for when large quantities have to be cultivated

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CELLSTAR OneWell Plate, TC Surface Treated, Sterile, w/lid, 8/Pack, 32/Case

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CELLSTAR OneWell Plate, Sterile, w/lid, 8/Pack, 32/Case

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-Range of application: for the cultivation of large quantities of cells

-External dimensions comply with ANSI-Standard, suitable for the use on a wide range of cell culture and liquid-handling-systems

-Format: 127.8 x 85.5 mm, height: 14.4 mm

-Max. Vol: 113.7 ml -Handling and the required incubator space are improved compared to a round cell culture dish

-Notches on the left side of the plate and the lid ensure a secured lid position

-TC-treated surface = proprietary physical suface treatment increasing the hydrophilicity of the plate

-Free of detectable DNase, RNase and human DNA

-Non-pyrogenic, non-cytotoxic