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BrandTech Scientific HandyStep® electronic Repeating Pipette

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The HandyStep® electronic from BRAND adds ergonomics and ease-of-use to repeat pipetting. It is the only electronic, motor-driven repeating pipette compatible with most standard syringe tips, including BRAND PD-Tip™ syringe tips, Eppendorf® Combi-Tips® and Combi-Tips Plus, Fisherbrand Dispenser Tips, and VWRbrand Combi-Syringes.

Ordering Information: The HandyStep® touch is supplied with a performance certificate, universal power adapter, USB cable, Li-Ion battery, shelf/rack mount, assorted PD-Tips™ II, Operating manual and one-year warranty.

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HandyStep electronic repeating pipette, 110V, US plug

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NiMH battery pack for HandyStep electronic, pack of 1

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HandyStep electronic recharging base, w/out AC adapter

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AC adapter for HandyStep electronic, 110V, US plug, pack of 1

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Additional Details

Automatically Recognizes Encoded BRAND PD-Tip® Syringe Tips

he NEW! BRAND® HandyStep® touch is the first electronic repeating pipette with touchscreen operation and automatic tip ejection! With a user interface inspired by smartphones, the BRAND® HandyStep® touch delivers all of the advantages of touchscreen efficiency to your laboratory: access functions with a simple swipe, important information is always in view, and integrated help functions are just a tap away. Available in the basic HandyStep® touch model, or HandyStep® touch S model with added features.

Dispense Any Volume

Because of its broad tip compatibility, the HandyStep electronic can dispense any volume between 1.0µL and 50mL, including non-standard volumes such as 9.2µL, 25µL, 260µL, or 1250µL.

Three Pipetting Modes for Greater Productivity

The HandyStep electronic features three operational modes: Pipette, Dispense, and an ergonomic, intuitive Auto-Dispense mode that eliminates up to 97% of repetitive motion from repeat pipetting — No time-interval programming is needed!

Easy to Read Display

All aspects of operation are shown clearly on a large LCD screen with symbols, words, and and values. The screen features a counter to assist users with repetitive dispensing applications and is easy to read during both right- and left-handed operation.

Ergonomic Design

The HandyStep electronic operates with a relaxed grip that is comfortable in either hand. A subtle squeeze of the control button under your index finger actuates all aspirating and dispensing. The adjustable-speed motorized drive ensures fatigue-free pipetting, reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries, and improves precision by eliminating variation in pipetting technique.