Biohit® Pipet Tips

For use with most popular brands of single and multichannel pipettors. These pipet tips guarantee accurate results when used with Biohit® model pipettors. Tips also fit most other research-grade pipettor brands. Available sterile or nonsterile. Tips are autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) for 20 minutes.
Grouped product items
Product Name Part # Price Qty Image
Biohit Pipet tip, 0.1-10ul, refill tower, white, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-790012
Biohit Pipet Tip, 0.1-10ul, Sterile, Natural 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-790011
Biohit Pipet tip, 0.5-200ul, refill tower, yellow tray, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-790202
Biohit Pipet Tip, 0.5-200ul, Sterile, Racked, 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-790201
Biohit Pipet Tip, 0.5-300ul, Non-Sterile, Blue 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-790300
Biohit Pipet tip, 0.5-300ul, refill tower, yellow, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-790302
Biohit Pipet Tip, 0.5-300ul, Sterile, Blue 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-790301
Biohit Filter Pipet Tip, 0.5-300ul, Sterile, 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-790301F
Biohit Pipet Tips, 350ul, Bulk, 1000/Bag 57-780033
Biohit Pipet tip, 0.5-350ul, natural, sterile, racked, 96/rack, 10 racks/case 57-790351
Biohit Pipet tip, 0.5-350ul, refill tower, orange, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-790352
Biohit Pipet tip, 10-1000ul, blue rack, sterile, 96/rack, 10 racks/cs 57-791001
Biohit Pipet tip, 10-1000ul, refill tower, blue, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-791002
Biohit Filter Pipet Tip, 50-1000ul, Sterile, 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-791001F
Biohit Pipet Tip, 50-1200ul, non-sterile, light purple, 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-791200
Biohit Pipet Tip, 50-1200ul, sterile, light purple, 96/Rack, 10 Racks/Case 57-791201
Biohit Pipet tip, 10-1200ul, refill tower, light purple, non-sterile, 960/pack 57-791202